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  • Created/designed templates for tab pages, product family pages, and sub-pages for complete redesign of and all the global and language sites.
  • 60,000+ pages
  • Worked with team to create complete new taxonomy of site.
  • Created/produced many pages for U.S. main site including top tab-pages, main product family pages and sub-pages. Homepage
Archive 1 Archive 2 Product Family Main page Talk to an Expert Pop-up
Example #1: Product family main page.
I created all the templates for the product pages as well as it's sub-pages.  I also produced many of the actual pages.
Example #2: Talk to an Expert pop-up page.
This is an example of some design work with a JavaScript I wrote which dynamically draws a list of international sale's phone numbers from a centrally located file.
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I was the technical and interface consultant for Oracle's ECOstructure initiative website.  One of my projects was to redesign the site.  Some features include:
  • Implemented search engine (Universal Search Engine ©)
  • Implemented Discussion Forum (Ulimate Bulletin Board ©)
  • Created Perl Contact Form
ECOstructure website
Oracle Solution Finder
  • Created stand-alone site to stream-line process of finding an Oracle Solution for user's particular Industry.
  • Created expandable JavaScript navigation tree
  • Main page is a JavaServer page which reads parameters from the navigation tree to dynamically draw list of "Industry Challenges".  After you find and select your "Industry Challenges", you submit the page which then re-draws with the link to the appropriate Oracle's Solution page(s).
Oracle Solution Finder
Example #1
  Oracle Solution Finder
Example #2
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